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You will get: soft curl senegalese twist crochet hair 6 packs/deal, 20 stands/pack, 120 strands in total. You will NEED 4-6 packs to complete a full hairstyle. 


Introducing our NEW Handmade Pre-bundled Pre-Looped Soft Curl Versatile Senegalese Twist crafted from synthetic fibers designed with your sensitive skin in mind, these twists offer a gentle touch that's perfect for everyone. You'll love their soft texture and the variety of length options available. Easy to install and reusable, these twists come with pre-curled ends to give you that fabulous, finished look with minimal effort. Elevate your beauty routine with these fun and flexible twists that are as vibrant and versatile as you are!

Soft Curl Pre-Looped Crochet Senegalese Twist

PriceFrom $75.00
Expected to ship late August- early September
    1. Can I reuse the hair? YES! Wash, shampoo, condition, and let the hair dry overnight.
    2. Do you ship worldwide? NO. US & Canada Only
    3. How many strands are needed for a full install? 90-120 strands 
    4. Do I have to dip the ends? NO. Dipping the braids in hot water for 10 seconds can  relax the tight island curl into a wave.
    5. Is the hair human? NO. It is a hypoallergenic synthetic blend that has been prewashed and treated to prevent allergic reactions, add natural shine and soft texture to the pretwisted strands. 
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